The creative behind Little Quarters is, Illustrator and designer, Sarah Pook.

Sarah has successfully built a career busily sharing her time working as a freelance illustrator, artist, senior graphic designer for one of Australia's leading street wear companies along with other exciting projects for which she lends her creative direction.

It is with this hard work that Sarah has been able to create a sturdy platform of experience to share in her illustration work. Having traveled extensively over the last few years, Sarah takes inspiration from her surroundings and the wonderful people that cross her path.

Sarah's illustration work of wild animals, skulls, feathers, bohemian beauties and enchanting flowers are a mad mix of whimsical meets dark and edgy. With fine intricate pencil detail, contrasted with bold inky shapes, her work lends itself to take the viewer to mysterious places.

She intends to subtly surprise her audience of their own thoughts of her work.
Taking them on an adventure to explore places of the unknown, with in their own imaginations.

Travel and her desire to travel heavily inspires her illustrations and design work, along with a grown love for all things interior design.

A bower bird by nature, Sarah is a collector and surrounds herself with many beautiful things often found on her travels and so she tries to create that very thing she searches for, for others to collect.

You can follow Sarah's progression and view more of her illustrations via:

Instagram: #little_quarters